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KEP Cromo T Air Control Hat
KEP Cromo T Air Control Hat

KEP Cromo T Air Control Hat


The frame of the hard hat is carefully constructed using three interconnecting panels. These panels allow the wearer to experience effective air circulation as well as the ultimate in safety and absolute protection. The visor is flexible which helps to prevent facial fractures in the event of a fall.


The inner shell, which is produced using high-tech polystyrene, has been created in order to combine an excellent fit with incomparable comfort. This is achieved through the double density foam which also provides excellent shock absorption, furthering the helmet’s safety qualities as well as comfort.

ACS (Air Control System)

The front grille provides the helmet with an air control system, which is activated by the slight movement of the central switch located on the grille. This switch, as well as an air vent located under the peak of the hat, takes in a ventilation of fresh air, which then travels through the helmet and is allowed to exit through air vents situated within the rear padding of the helmet. This means that the wearer’s head is kept cool while the hat is in use, furthering the already extreme comfort of the helmet.


The inner lining of the helmet is removable and washable and can also be replaced or changed for a different size - replacement linings are sold separately. The lining is attached to an anatomic cushion that perfectly fits the nape ensuring optimum comfort and absolute air diffusion thanks to the high-tech materials used - Coolmax coupled with open-cell filters and smooth micro-fibre


The helmet features a five point harness. The chinstrap is directly inserted in the hard riding hat through three passing rings made of anti-allergic and washable smooth leather. It is easily adjustable and has a quick self-blocking fastener


There are two shell sizes: M and L. Inner linings for the M size shell run from 51-58 and inner linings for the L shell run from 59-62


Carry and protect your KEP hard riding hat with our KEP bag included with every helmet. The waterproof bag has two pockets ideal for storing your gloves or other riding accessories


A KEP CLEAN micro-fibre cloth is included in the KEP Bag for effective and safe cleaning of your KEP hard riding hat

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