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Tucci Orion Eco 7 Tall Boot

Time for some introductions. Riders, meet EGO 7 Field Boots a.k.a Orion. In a nutshell, this is your classic field boot. No frills, no gimmicks. Just classic design with quality make backed up by Tucci. What does “by Tucci” mean? Boot for all Occasions

Made from high quality natural leather, the Ego 7 Field Boots have a classic unisex design making them suitable for all disciplines including show jumping, eventing and dressage. These boots feature a traditional lace front, hand sewn leather sole and are fully leather lined.

Traditional Design – Modern Technology

The Ego 7 Riding Boots integrate “E-Tex”, a new innovative material which offers extra grip in the saddle. As soft and tight fitting as leather, E-Tex is a highly durable material which whilst providing extra grip between boot and saddle, does not wear or stain.

These long riding boots also include a fine memory elastic which doesn’t overstretch and holds the leg well for a good fit, a stepped spur rest which allows you to customise the position of your spurs and the extremely durable YKK 9 zip closure.

The EGO 7 Field Boots are a mix of traditional design and modern technology. A new material “E-TEX” has been applied to the boot to enable enhanced grip to the saddle. The enhanced grip is an added bonus, all without adding any costs

The boots also feature the same YKK 9 zipper used by Tucci in their boots. So you can be rest assured the zipper will not give up on you
7 – The Perfect Fit

As well as their stunning classic Italian styling, the Ego 7 Tall Riding Boots offer a revolution in comfort and fit with an almost limitless combination of height and calf sizes, giving you a riding boot that fits to perfection. Whilst we hold is stock the most popular size combinations, the Ego7 riding boots come in a staggering 196 size options, which are available by special order.

For style, fit and performance, Ego 7 offers the complete package at an affordable price, so with the EGO7 Field Boots you no longer have to compromise on anything.

•sporty, elegant spring boots of the new brand "EGO 7" designed by Franco Tucci

• elastic zipper in the back

• heel and socks leather protection

• push button

• toe cap with stiching

• laces in leather

• adherence and anatomic fit

• spur-rest with three adjustment levels

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