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Airowear Outlyne Body Protector

The Outlyne body protector is the new soft and flexible body protector for women. Styled with a zip-front, Outlyne´s design ensures women of different shapes and sizes can comfortably fit into a standard-sized body protector.
Using the UltraFlex technology, Outlyne moulds around the body without relying on body heat to soften.
•Breaking the concept that body protectors are rigid, Airowear´s new technology UltraFlex makes the body protector soft and flexible enough to mould around the female body
•Outlyne uses thin layers of impact absorbing materials to absorb energy from a fall or kick and can therefore lessen the seriousness of injury
•Incorporating UltraFlex technology, Outlyne improves comfort and flexibility for the rider by without compromising on protection or comfort.
•When combined with body heat, Outlyne becomes softer as it reacts to changes in temperature. Using UltraFlex technology, Outlyne takes even less time to soften as it absorbs heat from the body much quicker than traditional materials.
•Airowear perforate their materials as much as possible without losing any impact absorption. This further improves the flexibility of the body protector whilst providing airflow and ventilation to the rider.

•A zip fronted garment, the Outlyne body protector is designed to fit female riders of all shapes and sizes into a standard-sized body protector.
•Fits slim to plus, from short to tall riders in a standard size with three optional back lengths
•Shorter backs and longer fronts ensure the body protector fits proportionately to around the female body
•Darted foam across the chest provides comfort and support around the bust without compressing the body
•Tapered foam provides elegant shaping along the contours of the body
•Visual fit indicators ensure your body protector is fastened safely
•Available in XC colours

Safety Standard:
•The Outlyne body protector offers the maximum level of protection by fully meeting EN13158:2000 and BETA 2000 Standard Level 3
•Airowear were the first and second to conform to BETA’s current safety standard
•Outlyne is annually retested to give you peace of mind that our body protectors consistently meet the latest safety standards.

You can find a size chart on to correctly assess which size you will need. Please go onto the Outlyne page and click on size chart.

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