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Horse First Hoof First
Horse First Hoof First

Horse First Hoof First

Hoof First
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Results speak for them selves. This is one product that you will see working, nothing can be more satisfying than watching that new healthy hoof grow before your eyes.

Horseman´s Tips

The foundation of a horse’s soundness lies in his hooves. “No hoof no horse” This is one of the most fundamental principles there is. The hoof must receive nutrients from the blood in order to stimulate growth and repair. Combining and balancing these components is vital for hoof health and function.

Biotin is a B vitamin produced in the horse’s gut in sufficient quantity to satisfy his basic nutritional needs but some horses with poor quality, thin, brittle hoof walls and tender, thin soles benefit greatly from biotin supplementation.

In Hoof First we have 40mg of biotin per 25g dose, double the strength of many of our competitors which combined with a number of other proven ingredients, methionine, a sulphur rich amino acid essential in the formation of keratin, zinc, essential for growth and healing, copper, lysine and vitamin B1 all balanced to ensure maximum results and satisfaction from Hoof First.


Contains per 25g dose:
Biotin 40mg
Methionine 3000mg
Lysine 1000mg
Copper 75m
Zinc oxide 700mg
Vitamin B1 50mg

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