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Cortaflex - Lamigard
Cortaflex - Lamigard

Cortaflex - Lamigard

Lamigard is a supplement formulated for equines prone to the crippling disease Laminitis. Lamigard is highly effective in promoting healthy enqyme levels in the hooves and providing nutrients to its internal sensitive structures, but also in promoting external hoof wall growth and condition. It contains powerful antioxidants including Super Oxide Dismutase, yet is extremely gentle on the rest of the system and can be fed to in foal mares. Available in 454gm (2 month supply at maintenance for average pony) and 908gm.Feel Good 30 Joint Supplement maintains mobility in stiff, injured or aged horses and supports joints subjected to wear and tear. Contains Glucosamine which is essential for building strong, flexible cartilage as well as protecting the joint capsule by inhibiting cartilage-degrading enzymes. It also contains MSM to maintain joint elasticity and Grapeseed extract and Vitamin C which are powerful antioxidants that help maintain the body´s ability to manage undesirable free radicals, thus helping to maintain joint integrity. The combined ingredients maintain continued lubrication and support joint flexibility and normal structure and turnover of cartilage during active work.

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