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Tech Stirrups Jumping Junior - Athena Young

Weight: 350gr.

- Tread size: 104mm long x 54mm wide (approx. 4.5").

The PATENTED Tech Stirrups are entirely produced in Italy. They are made from aluminium billet and fitted with stainless blocked screws. The treads and the rings are treated with a 20 micron anodization to preserve the aesthetic quality.

The jumping model Tech Stirrup “Athena” has been produced with a 4° angle inclination of the tread. The Tech Stirrup PATENTED grip has been studied so that, even in case of weak support, it always has adherence.

The stirrup leather slot has been made in a way that, should the young rider loose one of the stirrups during the work, this will maintain a position that can be easily worn.

The Tech Stirrups are protected by patent n° 002286476-0001.

After several tests, made both on the weight and on the structure, the Tech Stirrups were balanced so that, in case of loss of the stirrup during the riding, they tend to flap as few as possible on the body of the horse, comparing them to the same kind of stirrups that are on the market in this moment.

The Tech Stirrups grip has the characteristic to avoid the dirt to accumulate and to be particularly efficient even when wet.

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