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John Whitaker Snaffle Universal Bit

The snaffle bit is a single jointed mouthpiece with a 'nutcracker' action that when the rider places pressure on the reins to change direction or communicate with the horse it will apply pressure on either side of the mouth rather than the tongue.

The John Whitaker Universal Bit is the definitive bit to use for any horse.

This bit enables a variety of horses to use this bit in different situations.

By adjusting the point at which the cheek pieces and reins are attached, determines the strength of the bit itself.

The Universal bit comes in five various mouth pieces. Snaffle, bullet, copper bullet, twisted or a softer leather mouth piece.


Available in 5" or 5.5" (135cm or 145mm)

Made from stainless steel

More than six ways to use this bit

Suitable for all disciplines and everyday riding

The cartwheel outer has a variety of points to which the bit can be attached

Product Code : B1020

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